I’m Kisi, welcome to my little world, Friends Of Jose Marti, where you’ll see bits and pieces of my outfits, my fun travels, my favorite products, my beauty tips & tricks, parts of my home, sneak peaks of cool collabs, launches + more! Friends Of Jose Marti is my happy place where I love to share parts of my life with you and bring you along for the ride! You have become my secondary family and I want you to feel like we are close friends and that I can share anything with you! It’s a place where dreaming big is always encouraged and following your heart is too! I hope sharing with you parts of my life and journey, can somehow inspire you to live out your own dreams! It’s an open journal to you, I hope you enjoy it & it becomes your daily read because I always love having you come by. xx

With love,

My sister suggested I start a fashion blog to help me fulfill this void, so I went for it! I had no idea what I was doing but figured it out as I went. It was hard to juggle everything all at once but the blog gave me a sense of peace and freedom that I didn’t get with anything else so it kept me going. Being able to have my blog as a creative outlet helped me stay inspired and grow creatively.

Now 8 years & over 1.7M+ followers later, I’m so humbled to have this little blog here because it changed my life forever. This blog will forever hold a special place in my heart! Since the beginning of Friends Of Jose Marti, I’ve always stayed true to myself and do things I genuinely love and believe in, but most importantly, I always follow my heart no matter what.

If there’s one thing I’d love for you to take away from visiting my blog is that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you set your mind to! Believe in yourself and never give up even if it feels unreachable, trust the process and be patient and you’ll see results! As I always say DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE!